Regular Master courses are offered every year, called 'Core Courses'. Advanced Master Courses are mostly offered on a 2-years basis.

In theoretical particle physics we offer master courses in the four areas

'Field Theory' (basic courses and field aspects related to String Theory and SUSY)
'Particle Physics' (Theory and Experiment, Phenomenology)
'Stringtheory' (addressing string theory related formalism)
'Cosmology/Astrophysics' (Theory and Experiment, Phenomenology).

Please click on the given links for more details on the content and recommended time schedule ('Modul Descriptions').

As an example an schematic overview about the Theoretical and Experimental Particle Physics Master/PhD programme is linked here. Courses with mark 'J' are usually offered in the Jungiusstrasse downtown, courses with mark 'B' are usually offered on-site Bahrenfeld/DESY.

The current Lecture Courses are coordinated within the Integrated Research Training Group of the SFB-676 'Particle, Strings and the Early Universe'.

The SFB676 graduate school is part of the graduate school of the MIN faculty of the University. Information on the MIN Graduate School and their Services are provided via the PIER Helmholtz Graduate School.

Information on general information on PhD and Master Programmes at the University of Hamburg can be found in 'Stine'.

G. Moortgat-Pick
Last modified: 13-November-2016