Hannes Jung


    Office: Bldg 1b, O2.213


    22603 Hamburg


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Best reached by email, address: hannes.Jung@desy.de

  1. BulletCurriculum Vitae

  2. BulletSummary of relevant experience

  3. BulletList of papers

  4. BulletList of publications (without collaboration pubs)

  5. BulletList of publications (only collaboration pubs)

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  1. BulletQCD analysis with CMS (LHC)

  2. BulletJets, Drell Yan production, small x processes

  3. BulletConvener of CMS Monte Carlo group: Physics comparisons and Generator Tunes

  1. BulletDevelopment of the Monte Carlos CASCADE, RAPGAP and EPJPSI

  2. BulletCASCADE is a Monte Carlo incorporating the CCFM small x gluon evolution applicable to e-p, gamma-p and ppbar scattering. It is the only program which can simultaneously describe small x processes at HERA, like forward jets, and also heavy quark production at HERA and at the TEVATRON and the LHC. Here are some papers on CASCADE and the theory

  3. BulletuPDFs: a summary of CCFM uPDFs and source code

  4. BulletRAPGAP is a full Monte Carlo suited to describe Deep Inelastic Scattering, inclusively and also diffractive DIS. At present it is THE Monte Carlo describing best the data obtained in DIS at HERA, including diffractive scattering. Here are some papers on RAPGAP

  5. BulletEPJPSI is a full Monte Carlo describing production of J/psi mesons in ep, gamma p, mu p p p_bar collisions, including different sub processes, like gamma glue, glue glue, glue quark. Further developments are planned, to include also J/psi production in e+e- scattering.  Here are some EPJPSI publications

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from J. Scheller

(school inernship Feb 2010)

  1. BulletMember of CMS

  2. BulletPhenomenology of QCD

  3. BulletMonte Carlo group in the Analysis Center of Terascale Alliance

  4. Bullet2014 - 2017: Group leader of DESY CMS SMP group

  5. Bullet2015 - 2017: Convener of CMS SMP-Jet Physics working group